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Not again! Another nitrosamine scare has just been announced for one of the most popular drugs in the pharmacy. Metformin is the number one most prescribed diabetes drugs in the U. At last count, 18 million citizens filled 89 million prescriptions for metformin last year. But word from abroad, and now from the FDA, suggests that there is a concern about metformin and nitrosamines. For the last year and a half, you have been reading about blood pressure medicines that have been contaminated with nitrosamines.

Millions, perhaps tens of millions, of pills have been recalled. Then there was the ranitidine Zantac recall. That was also because of nitrosamines. We have lost count of how many recalls have occurred over the last year or so. Nitrosamines are potent cancer causing chemicals.

metformin news 2019

Here is what the American Chemical Society stated about nitrosamines in :. N-nitroso compounds include nitrosamines. Animal studies demonstrate that most nitrosamines induce tumors in rodents. We have no reason to suspect that humans are immune. The FDA keeps reassuring the public that the levels of nitrosamines in drugs like ranitidine or metformin are low and not worrisome.

The trouble is that there have been no well-controlled human trials to determine if that is really the case. Such studies would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and take decades to complete. We may never know how many people were harmed by nitrosamines in losartan, valsartan or ranitidine. Most people would prefer not to swallow any dose of nitrosamines with their medicine every day for years. We have provided detailed information about the metformin and nitrosamines controversy in that article.

Rather than repeating everything here, we suggest you go to that article in the newsletter for all the details. Here is a link. Valisure, a pharmacy in New Haven, CT.

It was Valisure that notified the FDA there was a problem with ranitidine.Metformin is generally a safe and effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. However, it can cause side effects, and some people may want to look at other options.

As a result, levels of glucose, or sugar, in the blood rise too high. Metformin is an oral medication that helps manage the effects of type 2 diabetes. In people with prediabetes, the drug can also help prevent or delay the onset of the condition. Doctors prescribe metformin to nearly million people worldwide. In this article, we look at the side effects of metformin and why a person with type 2 diabetes might want to stop taking it.

We also look at the risk of not taking metformin and some alternative options.

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Metformin is an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. It helps lower blood glucose levels by:. However, metformin has a number of potential side effects.

metformin news 2019

Some are common, while others are rare. A person should talk to a doctor before stopping metformin treatment. Taking the medication with food reduces the risk of digestive problems. Around 30 percent of people taking metformin in the long term experience vitamin B deficiency. Symptoms can include:. Is it safe to eat grapefruit while taking metformin? Find out more here. In some people, metformin causes blood glucose levels to drop too low, and the medical term for this is hypoglycemia.

There is also a very low risk of developing a condition called lactic acidosis, which results from a buildup of lactic acid. This condition can be life-threatening.

Certain people taking metformin may also have a risk of kidney damage.

metformin news 2019

A study suggests that metformin may reduce kidney function in people with both chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. Does metformin cause hair loss? Click here to find out more. Exercise can reduce insulin resistance and improve type 2 diabetes symptoms. However, some research suggests that taking metformin in the short term may reduce the positive effects of exercise on insulin sensitivity.Ariel Poler is a veteran angel investor who spends his days traveling around the Bay Area to meet with entrepreneurs.

Now in his early fifties, he also thinks a lot more about his own health, so he makes an effort to keep his stress levels low by eating well and taking regular kite-surfing trips.

But he also takes a tiny, white pill called metformin, which is prescribed to millions of people with diabetes to help control high blood sugar. Poler does not have diabetes, but he takes it for a different reason. He hopes that it will help keep him healthier for longer. Unlike some in Silicon Valleywho are increasingly investing in wonder drugs and starting companies to crack the code on aging, Poler isn't planning to live forever.

24 Oras: Ilang brand ng Metformin, pinapa-recall sa ibang bansa dahil sa posibilidad na may...

But he does believe that his metformin use, coupled with his commitment to nutritious food and exercise, will help delay the onset of serious health issues. He's not alone. Metformin is undergoing a bit of a renaissance in Silicon Valley tech circles -- among people who do not have diabetes. CNBC interviewed a dozen executives and investors working in the tech industry who take the drug as a hedge against aging. Some were willing to speak publicly about it, while others preferred to remain anonymous as they did not want their employers to find out.

Bolstering their case, there are also some high-profile supporters in the medical field, including the renowned aging researcher Nir Barzilai.

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Metformin is not a new innovation. The drug, which is available in generic form for about 5 cents a pill, has been around for decades. But in recent years, researchers have studied the long-term effects and found that diabetics who took it for years wound up experiencing unintended health benefits, including a reduced cancer risk compared to the general population. Further studies of the drug in mice showed evidence of an improved life span.

The drug is thought to mimic some of the positive effects of calorie restriction by lessening the amount of sugar the body produces and absorbs.

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Calorie restriction is a huge challenge for people to maintain, as it involves eating a lot less over a long period of time, but some studies have shown that it can help to extend the human life span.

The side effects associated with prolonged metformin use include diarrhea, slow blood sugar, and abdominal pain. The most serious risk is that excessive acid accumulates in the body, causing a condition known as lactic acidosis.

Poler hasn't experienced any of these side effects, so he intends to continue taking it for the long-term. All of them agree that metformin's effects have been under-studied, in part because there isn't much of a financial incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to research the impact of an extremely cheap, generic drug.

That could explain why doctors don't routinely recommend it to people without diabetes, and why metformin hasn't made it into the mainstream.Until recently, diabetics looking for doctor-approved, drug-free treatment options were out of luck.

But a growing number of health experts believe those days are behind us. Marlene Merritt DOM, MS Nutritionan Austin-based doctor who used to suffer high blood sugar herself, made a recent announcement that is sending shockwaves through the medical community. Merritt knew all too well that commonly-prescribed diabetes drugs like Metformin came with a host of unwanted side effects, and was determined to find a natural, drug-free solution that could actually eliminate the disease, not just treat its symptoms.

After months of research, Dr. Merritt developed a simple diet and exercise regimen that had a profound success rate in treating and even reversing type II diabetes.

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Despite the regimen's clear effectiveness, medical journals were slow to publish her findings, perhaps due in part, some have speculated, to financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. In response, Dr. Merritt took matters in to her own hands and shocked the medical community by partnering with independent health publisher Primal Health to make her diabetes-reversing regimen available to everyone in the form of an online presentation. The video has already gone viral, generating a huge range of response.

Several viewers have noted the simplicity of the regimen, along with how non-restrictive the diet sounds. Unsurprisingly, many in the pharmaceutical industry have taken issue with the presentation's drug-free emphasis, but many doctors who have wished for a natural, drug-free treatment to share with their diabetic patients have been quick to embrace it. Merritt herself cautions viewers to exercise common sense and only go off your medication with the approval of your doctor.

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Free Registration for Vibrant Health Network.April 17 UPI -- A drug commonly used to treat diabetes may also fight heart disease, a new study says.

Metformin could reverse left ventricular hypertrophy, thickening of the heart muscle, which can cause heart disease, according to research published Tuesday in the European Heart Journal.

Most people with left ventricular hypertrophy don't know until they have a heart attack or stroke. This study goes along with other research that says Metformin can reduce heart thickening caused by left ventricular hypertrophy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease, one in people in the United States may have left ventricular hypertrophy. Health News. By Tauren Dyson. Metformin could reverse left ventricular hypertrophy, a thickening of the heart muscle that can cause heart disease.

Read More Study: Half of people on statins don't hit healthy cholesterol levels Common diabetes drug may also protect kidneys, heart Study suggests prostate meds may increase risk for diabetes. Latest Headlines. Many British security guards have post-traumatic stress disorder due to frequent verbal and physical abuse, researchers report.

When the Beatles sang that "money can't buy me love," they were right, researchers say. Teenagers who use marijuana to fall asleep may be setting themselves up for insomnia later in life, a new study suggests. April 14 UPI -- Some level of social distancing may need to remain in place, at least intermittently, well intoHarvard researchers suggest in an analysis published Tuesday.

April 14 UPI -- Some 15 percent of people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after having a heart attack, and the condition often leads to additional health problems in many of them, a new study has found. Sticking to the Mediterranean diet -- high in vegetables, whole grains and fish -- could reduce risk for mental decline, analysis suggests.

You may get more than you bargained for when you eat sushi: Since the s, there's been a fold increase in the abundance of a parasitic worm that can be transmitted to people when eating raw or undercooked seafood. Even light exercise can counter the damage of stroke in survivors, a new study suggests.

Even before symptoms develop, the brains of people with early Alzheimer's disease have high levels of amyloid protein plaques, a new study reveals. Trending Stories.

Study: fold increase in parasitic worms in fish since s. Follow Us. Sign up for our daily newsletter. Privacy policy. Back to Article.December 9, HealthDay —Levels of possible cancer-causing chemicals in metformin diabetes medications are under investigation by the U. Food and Drug Administration. During the past year and a half, several types of drugs—including angiotensin II receptor blockers and ranitidine Zantac —have been found to contain small amounts of genotoxic substances called nitrosamines, such as N-nitrosodimethylamine NDMA.

Exposure to genotoxic substances above acceptable levels over long periods may increase the risk for cancer, the FDA said. The FDA has been investigating the presence of nitrosamines in other drug products, and some metformin diabetes medicines in other countries were reported to have low levels of NDMA, according to Janet Woodcock, M.

But NDMA levels in metformin drugs abroad are within the range that naturally occurs in some foods and in water, she noted. Nonetheless, regulators in some other countries are recalling certain metformin drugs, Woodcock said. No metformin recalls affect the U. All rights reserved. Your feedback will go directly to Science X editors.

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Diabetes drug investigated for possible cancer-causing contaminant

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Home Medications Home Diabetes.Nitrosamine Impurities in Medications. FDA has not recommended metformin recalls in the U.

Metformin is a prescription drug used to control high blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. Patients should continue taking metformin to keep their diabetes under control. It could be dangerous for patients with this serious condition to stop taking their metformin without first talking to their health care professionals.

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FDA plans to post the methods used in laboratory testing of metformin in the near future. FDA is also collaborating with international regulators to share testing results for metformin, along with testing results for other drugs. FDA will continue to monitor NDMA in metformin, along with other drugs products, and will provide timely updates of new developments, including product recalls. Go to Laboratory Tests Metformin.

Go to FDA Statement. The link below is to an FDA-published testing method to provide an option for regulators and industry to detect nitrosamine impurities in metformin drug substances and drug products. This method should be validated by the user if the resulting data are used to support a required quality assessment of the API or drug product, or if the results are used in a regulatory submission.